Automated trading
for long-term stable profits

A STT always has a fixed value of 10.00 USDT, therefore they are risk-free and not dependent on the market.

Stable Trade Token makes trading easy

Our goal is to provide an automated trading system to ensure long-term stable profits for our token holders. Our intelligent platform and it’s tool make trading as easy as never before, so that everyone can participate in this project: invest, develop own trading strategy, trade and further improve trading skills.

All you have to do is configure how much STT you want to trade with by “locking”, participating in trading, and waiting for your earnings!



10.00 USDT


100 B


Calculate how much your investment would have been worth

Buy STT on Crypshark with USDT

Let us trade for you &  start making profits

Get 30% of the profit each month*

Sell your STT at anytime & receive USDT

Cash out or withdraw at anytime

On the platform, you are completely free to decide when to deposit, withdraw, buy or sell. You can exchange your tokens earned by “blocking” for USDT at any time and immediately upon receipt. So you can use them again immediately or use the exchange service to get back into the Fiat room, or change to BTC for example.

After each cycle you can unlock your blocked STT again, and of course these can also be exchanged into USDT immediately and at any time. As long as the crypto market doesn’t make any essential negative down-movements, you will generate income.

Most frequently asked questions
to start trading with STT

The first step is to buy STT on the Crypshark. The value of the purchased STT is always guaranteed by the fixed rate of 10.00 USDT. Therefore you have no exchange rate risk.

In order to start trading it is necessary to lock from minimum10 to maximum 999 STT coins. The blocking of tokens for trading operations must be done by the 28th of the current month directly on the Crypshark.

The blocked token can always be unblocked in the current month in which you participate in trading. The release is then carried out until the 5th of the following month. After the release you can use your token as you wish (hold it, exchange it for USDT). If it is not unlocked, you will automatically participate in trading again next month with the locked STT. In the following month you will have the possibility to unlock your STT again, and so on.
The return, bearing 1-5% monthly, is automatically credited to your wallet at the Crypshark, in STT, always by the 5th of the following month, and is at your free disposal (hold, exchange in USDT, participate in trading the following month by extending the block).

A STT always has the fixed value of 10.00 USDT. Therefore they have no price risk. Furthermore the purchase of STT is guaranteed by the Fincity TRX (Crypshark). Therefore they are not dependent on the market.

Responsible for trading is the company Fincity TRX in cooperation with an Austrian trading company which takes over the trading
The current chart is published regularly, automatically, always on the 5th of each month on the STT website and on the Crypshark, to show and guarantee transparency. A trading report is also provided on request, for a small fee.

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30% Profit

Each month 30% of trading profits will be automatically distributed to your STT Wallet. You can exchange STT for USDT at any time!

STT Currently Listed
on Crypshark

Send or Buy Coins on Crypshark and buy STT with USDT Then block the tokens and you will automatically receive 30% (even up to 70% if you are VIP) of the trading profits each month in your STT Wallet at Crypshark.

Coin will be listed and available on more Exchanges soon!

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You can buy STT with USDT in few simple steps.

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