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Token name:

STT (StableTradingToken)

Token price:

10.00 USDT

Total number of Tokens:

100,000,000 coins

Buying and selling STT is commission free. Blocking and unblocking to participate in trading is also free of charge.

Client buy STT with USDT

Trader trade with USDT and make profit

Client get 30% each month of the profit* in STT automatic desposited in his/her STT Wallet

Client can always sell their STT and receive USDT



Our goal is to provide a simple automated trading system with the goal to ensure long-term stable profits for our token holders. Our intelligent platform and it's tool, make trading as easy as never before, so that everyone can participate in this project: invest, develop own trading strategy, trade and further improve trading skills.

STT token is linked to USDT, which is one of the most well-known stable coins in the market. Due to the stability of the price exchange rate, a loss of value is only conceivable in extreme situations, such as a collapse of the entire crypto market.

Once you have blocked your STT, it will be released to the broker/exchange. Trading and/or staking income will be automatically sent to your account within a defined time frame. You do not need to participate in the notifications to receive your earnings and no manual action is required. The only requirement on your part is to hold the STT - it's as simple as that! You can set the level of risk you are willing to undertake or set size your investment YOURSELF.

All you have to do is configure how much STT you want to trade with by "locking", participating in trading, and waiting for your earnings!

Cash out at any time / Withdrawal

Cash out at any time / Withdrawal

On the platform, you are completely free to decide when to deposit, withdraw, buy or sell.

You can exchange your tokens earned by "blocking" for USDT at any time and immediately upon receipt. So you can use them again immediately or use the exchange service to get back into the Fiat room, or change to BTC for example.

After each cycle you can unlock your blocked STT again, and of course these can also be exchanged into USDT immediately and at any time. Where is the catch?

As long as the crypto market doesn't make any essential negative down-movements, you will generate income.



Fincity TRX in a cooperation with Austrian trading company Crypto Management GmbH has from Austria created customized solutions for our clients. Crypto Management GmbH carry out trading operations for STT token holders. The minimum amount that Crypto Management GmbH requires from its clients to start trading is 100.000 €.

We provide the possibility for smaller traders and investors to be a part of lucrative trades and investments.

Website Fincity TRX:

Website Fincity TRX:


  • The first step is to buy STT on the TRX Exchange. The value of the purchased STT is always guaranteed by the fixed rate of 10.00 USDT. Therefore you have no exchange rate risk.
  • To participate in trading, the STT, minimum 10 STT and maximum 999 STT, must be blocked. The blocking of the tokens with which you want to participate in trading must be done until the 28th of the current month, directly on the TRX Exchange.
  • In order to start trading it is necessary to lock from minimum10 to maximum 999 STT coins. The blocking of tokens for trading operations must be done by the 28th of the current month directly on the TRX Exchange.
  • The blocked token can always be unblocked in the current month in which you participate in trading. The release is then carried out until the 5th of the following month. After the release you can use your token as you wish (hold it, exchange it for USDT). If it is not unlocked, you will automatically participate in trading again next month with the locked STT. In the following month you will have the possibility to unlock your STT again, and so on.
  • The return, bearing 1-5% monthly, is automatically credited to your wallet at the TRX Exchange, in STT, always by the 5th of the following month, and is at your free disposal (hold, exchange in USDT, participate in trading the following month by extending the block).
  • A STT always has the fixed value of 10.00 USDT. Therefore they have no price risk. Furthermore the purchase of STT is guaranteed by the Fincity TRX (TRX Exchange). Therefore they are not dependent on the market.
  • Responsible for trading is the company Fincity TRX in cooperation with an Austrian trading company which takes over the trading.
  • The current chart is published regularly, automatically, always on the 5th of each month on the STT website and on the TRX Exchange, to show and guarantee transparency. A trading report is also provided on request, for a small fee.
Share success with us:
buy STT and participate
in the upside potential of
newly purchased tokens.
Each month 30% of
trading profits will be
automatically distributed
to your STT Wallet.
You can exchange STT for USDT
at any time!


TRX Exchange

STT Curently listed on TRX Exchange

Coin will be listed on more Exchanges (Coin will be listed and not Exchange).

Send or Buy Coins on TRX Exchange and buy STT with USDT Then block the tokens and you will automatically receive 30% of the trading profits each month in your STT Wallet at TRX Exchange

Buy STT now.


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Register your account on TRX Exchange, where the STT is listed. Then go to TRX Exchange, or login if you already have an Account.

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You can buy STT with USDT in few simple steps. You can exchange a minimum of 10 USDT into STT

Get Tokens

After you bought the STT on TRX Exchange he can block the tokens. Then the Token owner will be eligible to receive their STT each month